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Welcome to Chronic Pain Coalition

pain pain pain chronic painPain! It destroys your zest for life. It intrudes upon every dimension of your life. It robs you of pleasure, hope, and peace of mind. Pain is a quality-of-life killer!

The Chronic Pain Coalition was created to re-empower those who are suffering from chronic pain. We focus on treatments for pain that have few side effects and proven efficacy. It is our belief that those who use this site will gain the insight and information they need to improve their lives and to renew their hope.

The mission of our coalition is: Right of patients for analgesia, without side-effect!

 There are a tremendous number of patients who suffer from chronic pain. Many of these are either not adequately treated, or are treated with compounds and suffer very much from side effects. Most patients we see complain about feeling like a zombie, not able to concentrate anymore or drive cars.

Anno 2012 this is obsolete and patients have the right on side-effect free analgesia.

It is our coalition's mission to develop treatment protocols wich will help patients to achieve such side effect low analgesia.

We are developing treatment protocols based on the most modern insights in the neurobiology of pain, and especially also on German (alpha-lipoic acid) and Italian (palmitoylethanolamide) insights, experiences and publications.

Treatment protocols for chronic pains in disorders such as CRPS (Sudeck), diabetic neuropathic pain and post herpetic neuropathic pains have been tested and used extensively within our coalition and many patients have found painrelief due to our approach.

Mission of the coalition for chronic pain

To develop and communicate effective treatment protocols for the treatment of chronic pain free of troublesome side-effects, also for the elderly patients

We achieve our mission via:

  1. the development of side-effect free topical analgesic creams, based on ketamine, amitriptyline, gabapentine, isosorbide dinitrate, baclofen
  2. the exploration and further development of natural painkilling compounds such as alpha lipoic acid, palmitoylethanolamide and Boswellia
  3. information about the use of Cannabis as an analgesic compound
  4. exploration of compounds focussed on new non-neuronal targets, such as the TOLL-4 receptor (low dose naltrexone, ketamine)

The Pain Indicator

pijnindicatorThe Pain Indicator.

We have developed the Pain Indicator as a tool to help you quickly find information that is most relevant to your pain condition. First click on the image on the right to take you to the Pain Indicator. There you will be able to click on the specific body part where you experience your pain symptoms. Simply click on that area to open a page with information about conditions related to pain in that part of the body. You will find causes, symptoms, manifestations and treatments for pain in each of the areas highlighted on the Pain Indicator.